One afternoon at Comic Con...

The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing - Jana Deleon, Jasinda Wilder, Liliana Hart, Tina Folsom, Theresa Ragan, Dorien Kelly, Jane Graves, Colleen Gleason, Deborah Holland, Denise Grover Swank Adrift (The Widow's Walk Trilogy Book 1) - Robin Wainwright, Carol Holaday

Location: San Diego Comic Con


Date/Time: Afternoon - July 2013


Scene: Woman sits in a large room filled with people sitting in folding chairs. The woman looks bored, but resigned.


Action: Woman takes a Kindle from her purse and begins reading. Soon you can tell that she has become absorbed by what she is reading. Time passes, and other people in attendance applaud as the panel discussion ends, but the woman seems oblivious to what is happening around her.


-- End Scene --


That woman was me just over a year ago. If you've never been to Comic Con, let me explain. There are only so many seats and way too many butts to fill them, so if you have something you really want to see you need to stake out your spot an hour or two before your panel begins.


Sitting through these other panels is always an adventure. I have discovered shows that I had no clue existed - but that I now love. I've marveled at the joy felt by others as they cheered for some show/movie/video game/author that meant nothing to me and the world to them. But on this afternoon the panel I was sitting in was a dud. No excitement from the stage or from the audience.


I remembered the new book I had downloaded to my Kindle, The Naked Truth About Self Publishing, and soon I was reading and clicking as fast as I could. The more I read, the more I realized that I could do this. I could write and self-publish my own book!


My mind began to form a story about something that had fascinated me as a small child. I had been reading a book about lighthouses when I learned that the name of the railed walkway on the top of a cottage was called a Widow's Walk. It was named this because of all the wives of sailors who had stood on top of their houses straining to see the sails of their husband's ships. So many men were lost at sea that the platform came to be known as the Widow's Walk. As a small child I had been convinced that these platforms must be very haunted spaces.


I broke out some scraps of paper and a pen. I began scribbling madly as the pictures in my mind transformed into words that flowed from the pen in my hand onto the paper. By the time the panel ended I had written the first chapter of what was to become my first self-published book, Adrift - Book One of The Widow's Walk Trilogy.


My adventure as a self-published author had begun.